Conference Information

Palazzo Branciforte
Via Bara All’ Olivella, N. 2 - 90133 Palermo
Telephone: +39 091 888 77 67

Meeting & Creative
Via Libertà, 56 – 90143 Palermo
Telephone: +39 091 7725339 – Fax: +39 091 7725434

Social Programme

Conference dinner will take place on Friday, 13 October at Tonnara Florio Restaurant. The transfer will be provided from the hotel at 20:15 The dinner will start at 21:00 The tuna fishing port has very old origins. Vincenzo Florio bought it in 1830 and his friend and architect Carlo Giachery renovated it. So the “quattro Pizzi" were created, a square neo-gothic mansion, so called for the its four spiers. The only neo-gothic building built by Giachery whose interests were functional designs of industrial architectures and the research and study of new materials. This building recall the British gothic revival in a smooth Mediterranean romantic scenery. Giachery was also asked to build the wind mill, to grind the sumac and produce the tannin which was then widely traded in Sicily. Part of this building was used as a secondary house and hosted many important personalities such as the tsarina during her stay in Palermo; she loved it so much that she had it reproduced in the same way with the “ four spears” in San Petersburg named “Rinella”; this building still exists. At the end of the so called "golden age” of the Florio's, the Florio family chose it as their permanent dwelling. The tuna fishing port was in use up to the beginning of the twenty century. The cost is included in the registration fee.

Important Notes


English is the official congress language.

Smoking Policy

The whole congress area is a no smoking area.


In Italy you cannot catch a taxi raising your hand like in USA or UK. Taxis must be called by phone or taken at their parking areas. Please find below the main taxi companies' phone numbers: 091 - 6878

Phone Calls

For international calls to Italy, dial the international code +39 followed by the area code number (including 0) and the telephone number (ie. to call Palermo: +39 091 22685


Electricity used in Italy is 220 Volts, its frequency is 50 Hz and the plugs have two male contact points. Plan to bring a transformer if your electrical device has a different voltage. Emergency Dial 118 – Call free (only from within Italy).